How do I drop off painted pottery: Please make sure that your white travel sheet (with your contact information and pottery items is included) with the drop off. Your item(s) will be ready 7-10 days after drop off. We will NOT be calling or emailing when your pieces are done. Hours for drop off are Tuesday through Saturday 12 pm -6 pm and Sunday 12-5 pm. 

Pick up finished pieces: You can come in during open studio hours which are Tuesday through Saturday 12 pm-6 pm and Sunday 12-5 pm

Brushes: We are not providing brushes but you are welcome to purchase some from us. 

Paint Palettes: We will give you the right amount of paint based on your project size. It is helpful if you want to put your base coat color in your notes, then we will be sure to give you more of that color. If you are choosing the same color palette for multiple pieces, we will upgrade the container size instead of multiple ones. 

Extra paint: We have additional paint for sale if you're finding that you need a little more or an extra color. Just let us know what color you'd like in the note section. 

Gift cards: If you'd like to use a gift card, let us know before you place your order so we can verify and deduct that amount from your bill. You can call the studio 269-375-2600 or email artbayoustudio@gmail.com or Facebook message us. 

Food safe?: Your finished pottery will be food safe and non toxic. We recommend washing by hand since it was made by hand. Items can get very hot if put in the microwave. Keurig use is totally fine. 

Acrylic paint: DO NOT COMBINE WITH GLAZE FROM US. If you choose to use acrylic paint, this piece is not food safe and is decorative only. The pottery DOES NOT come back to Art Bayou as there is nothing further that we can do for it. It will turn black if we accidentally fire it with acrylic  paint as it can not withstand the 1800 degree kiln we fire it in. 

Class cancellation: We need 24 hour notice or we will keep your $12 deposit. If we are cancelling a class due to inclement weather, we will post on our website and social media. If we cancel a class due to low enrollment, we will contact you.